FBR Issues New Procedure for Importing Unregistered Mobile Phones

Explanation of the Problem

The proliferation of unregistered mobile phones has been a longstanding issue in Pakistan, leading to various problems such as tax evasion, security concerns, and unfair competition for legitimate businesses.

Overview of Previous Procedures

Previously, the import of mobile phones into Pakistan followed conventional procedures, often resulting in loopholes that facilitated the entry of unregistered devices into the market.

Highlights of the New Procedure

Under the new procedure, importers are required to register their mobile phones with the relevant authorities before bringing them into the country. This process involves submitting detailed documentation and paying the necessary taxes and duties.

Benefits of the New Procedure

The implementation of this new procedure is expected to bring several benefits, including increased revenue for the government, improved security through better tracking of devices, and a level playing field for businesses.

Impact on Consumers

While the new procedure may initially cause some inconvenience for consumers, it ultimately ensures that they receive authentic, registered mobile phones that comply with national regulations.

Impact on the Mobile Phone Industry

The new procedure is likely to have a significant impact on the mobile phone industry, forcing manufacturers, importers, and retailers to adapt their practices to comply with the regulations.

Comparison with International Standards

The FBR’s initiative aligns with international standards for regulating the import of electronic devices, reflecting a broader trend towards tighter controls on cross-border trade.

Challenges and Concerns

Despite its benefits, the new procedure faces challenges such as potential resistance from stakeholders, logistical hurdles, and the risk of increased smuggling activity.

Steps for Compliance

To ensure compliance with the new procedure, importers and retailers must familiarize themselves with the requirements and follow the prescribed guidelines meticulously.

FBR’s Anti-Smuggling Efforts

In addition to the new import procedure, the FBR is stepping up its efforts to combat smuggling and tax evasion, employing various strategies such as increased surveillance and enforcement measures.

Future Implications

The successful implementation of the new procedure could set a precedent for similar regulatory initiatives in other sectors and contribute to broader efforts to strengthen governance and accountability.

Expert Opinions

Experts in the field have expressed cautious optimism about the new procedure, emphasizing the need for effective enforcement mechanisms and continuous monitoring to ensure its success.

Case Studies

Several case studies highlight the detrimental effects of unregistered mobile phones, including lost revenue for the government, compromised security, and unfair competition for legitimate businesses.


In conclusion, the FBR’s new procedure for importing unregistered mobile phones represents a significant step towards addressing longstanding issues in Pakistan’s mobile phone market. While challenges remain, the initiative holds promise for enhancing regulatory compliance, revenue generation, and consumer protection.

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